Click here to download Inverted 4.2.1
(Includes Quick Emoji, Quick Reply, and Bubble Messages)

Click here to download MMS 4.2.2 
(For Dark UI Toggle in Settings in some new ROMS)

Click here to download CM10.2 – MMS 4.3 
(Works perfectly with my themes, includes bubble messages)

Click here to download NamelessRom’s MMS 4.4 
(Works perfectly with my themes, includes bubble messages, quick reply popup, emoji – Thanx ShinySide!)


Be sure to BackUp your current MMS App.

- Remove previous MMS app with Titanium Backup
- Restart Phone
- Verify your old MMS app is completely removed
- Copy and Paste this new MMS app into your system/app
directory using a browser with root privileges
- Change permissions to rw-r–r–
- Click app and install

(If you do not follow these procedures completely you
will not be able to receive or send MMS messages)

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